AutoType Legal Fast tracks your word processing.
Open up a new world of shorthand-typing and increase your typing productivity by 50%.
AutoType Legal is an innovative shorthand-typing programme which will dramatically boost your productivity and accuracy.

Do away with traditional typing methods and complete your documents within minutes, not hours by reducing your keystrokes to a minimum. AutoType expands your shorthand word or phrase instantly by replacing the abbreviation as you type.

There will be no more typos in your documents and it will enable you to complete your word processing tasks in half the time. Learn the AutoType dictionary of commonly used words and phrases for legal, medico-legal, accounting and business correspondence and type less than half the keystrokes you did previously. AutoType is used for "free-form" typing in letters, faxes, reports, deeds and agreements, memoranda, advices, briefs, affidavits and other court documents. AutoType is "automation of words" and is used in conjunction with your existing precedents.

AutoType is a smart, fast and easy to use product with Microsoft® Word, Outlook, Powerpoint and Excel. It is effective and affordable.

AutoType was created as the result of many years experience within the legal industry.

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