AutoType Legal Fast tracks your word processing.
Integrates with Office

AutoType works seamlessly with Word, Outlook, Powerpoint and Excel (PC and Macintosh). AutoType does not display any cumbersome third-party menus and does not rely upon web connections or document management systems. AutoType operates directly within the Microsoft Office environment and is compatible with Office 97, 2000, 2002 and 2003.

    Increases productivity

As AutoType uses abbreviations for typing commonly used legal words and phrases, it eliminates 50% to 75% of keystrokes and does away with traditional typing methods. For example, when you type "aam" it will expand to 'annexed and marked', "ad" to 'Application for Determination', "bod" to 'board of directors', "cad" to 'costs and disbursements', "el" to 'economic loss'. The AutoType dictionary contains over 1,700 commonly used words and phrases with terminology for all areas of law.

    Saves time

AutoType has the ability to dramatically reduce your word processing load by decreasing the number of keystrokes typed. Therefore, a document that previously took 60 minutes to type using traditional methods may now take only 30 minutes using AutoType.

AutoType is the ultimate typing tool!

Reduces errors

When using the AutoType dictionary, typographical errors are eliminated forever because of the use of pre-programmed words and phrases.

Easy to Use

Irrespective of your typing speed, AutoType software will double your output by applying easy to learn acronyms and common abbreviations. It will greatly assist word processing operators, secretaries, students and business professionals and anyone who uses a keyboard.

Added benefits

AutoType abbreviations may assist those who suffer from arthritic conditions by allowing them to type fewer keystrokes during lengthy typing processes. In addition, AutoType will support managers in reducing the risk of injury within the workplace.

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